Can I join Bee’s Knees?

We are so honored that you would want to join us! Unfortunately, we don’t currently have space for anyone to join us. We recruit additional members only when we have the resources and/or a current member decides they would like to transitions out of Bee’s Knees membership. Recruitment is limited to artists and entrepreneurs we’ve developed auxiliary relationships with through participation at our events, exhibits, and other special projects. It’s important to us that anyone interested in joining us in our entrepreneurial pursuits is a good fit and that the partnership is mutually beneficial.

We put a heavy emphasis on relationship. The personal development of each individual member takes precedence over numbers or outcomes. Knowing people who have been involved at our events, exhibits, and special projects helps us to understand whether or not a partnership is a good fit for both parties.

How can I stay up to date with all the things going on with Bee’s Knees?

We try to maintain a fairly consistent presence on our Facebook page. This is primarily where we market our events, exhibits, and special projects. Also, this is a great way to learn about possible opportunities to partner with us.

I want to know more about volunteer opportunities.

That’s fantastic! We love getting to meet new people who are passionate and excited about the same things we are. We currently have a bit of a nontraditional setup, so opportunities to visit us while we’re working are extremely limited.  Instead, we would love to have you at our events or for you to participate with us online. The very best way for you to be our friend is to engage in the activity on our Facebook page. We promise it doesn’t go unnoticed!

 Who oversees the group?

Good question. We have a fantastic team of administrators who help us to reach our fullest potential. A lot of the behind the scenes work is carried out by a guy named Brandon. He writes our blogs, curates our exhibits, manages our projects, oversees our online presence and communications, helps us develop our products, makes sure we’re safe, and is a friend to us. If you get in contact with him, be nice – he works hard for us!

How do you plan your activities?

All of our activities are geared around the current projects we’re working on. We have a set time that we meet every week, but the daily activities are always changing. We may be prepping our art for an upcoming show, putting the finishing touches on an all new product, brainstorming about new entrepreneurial opportunities, exhibiting at a venue, speaking at a conference – what we’re trying to say is that there are no two days that look the same.

What would you say is the key to success?

Learn how to be a good friend to others. Being a good friend leads to being a good partner and being a good partner can lead to great positioning for future opportunities. This is true for everyone.

Do you have any ideas for people who might want to do some of the things you’re doing?

Absolutely. While we may not have the time and resources for every entrepreneur or artist to be a member of Bee’s Knees, we are so glad to share what we’ve learned about starting an entrepreneurial club with you. Contact us.

Do you do commissioned work? I have idea for a project.

That’s awesome! Yes, we do a select number of commissioned projects each year. Please visit our commission page for more information.

Do you know anyone else who could help me?

Yes, here are a few organizations that are local to Oklahoma:

Oklahoma Autism Network

Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council