One day, Chris came to Bee’s Knees with a home made comic book he had created. He’s been on a kick with the 1986 movie Labyrinth starring David Bowie. Brandon thinks it’s creepy. Chris said he loves the movie because he is in love with the lead actress, Jennifer Connelly.

Brandon: “Chris, why do you love this movie so much?”

Chris: “I love that girl.”

Brandon: “Why do you love her?”

Chris: “Because she’s pretty.”

Anyway, the comic he created is about Bee’s Knees, but is inspired by Labyrinth. Here’s the comic book Chris created. We hope you enjoy it. It’s one-of-a-kind.

Page #1: The blue, pink, and green people are David, Allie, and Brandon. You see the guy in the center? The one standing on a table with the boots, hair, and microphone? That’s David Bowie.

Page #2: Chris said that this is Matt. I think he’s supposed to be Ludo.

Page #3: This is Chris and his mom, Linda. She’s proud to make a guest appearance in Chris’ comic book.

Page #4: The end. Labyrinth is over.