Meet Ginni. We love her.

Ginni has been a faithful volunteer assistant and beloved friend to the artist of Bee’s Knees for a little over 2 years. She has a really big heart and an amazing capacity to care for people. Recently, some new opportunities have opened up for Ginni and she has decided to pursue a new adventure. We are so excited for her! To celebrate Ginni and show our appreciation and love for her, we threw a party!

We wrote special notes for Ginni.

“Hope that you get lucky days and in your lifetime win a sweepstakes.”


We danced and thought about lucky days for Ginni.

We gave Ginni special cards and gifts.

We even spent some time creating special “My favorite thing about Ginni” messages.
From Ashley:

From Matt:

From Chris:

From David:


Good luck in the future Ginni! We love you and think you’re awesome!