We have great news. Bee’s Knees is back for 2012 and we’ve been hard at work creating an all new collection of original masterpieces!


On Tuesday, January 24th, we had a very special visit from Oklahoma legislators! In attendance were Representative Jason Nelson, Representative Pam Peterson, Representative Wade Rousselot, and Representative Pat Ownbey as well as House staff Marcia Goff and Andrea Merten. They came to see to us at Youth & Family Services, Inc. where we had the opportunity to share with them about the artwork and give them an overview of what Bee’s Knees is all about. We enjoyed meeting them and we think they enjoyed meeting us as well!


On Thursday, January 26th, we decided that because we’d been working so hard on the new 2012 collection, we should take a beak and just hang out… so we did.

First, we went to visit our friends at Today’s Therapy Solutions. We are working on some artwork for their new office and wanted to check in with them. They’re always very kind to us and we were glad to see them!

Then after our visit with Today’s Therapy Solutions, we went to Jo’s Famous Pizza for lunch. It was delicious…

…and we ended up making some new friends!

After lunch, we went to the Myriad Gardens.

Finally, after we left the Myriad Gardens, we went to Cuppies & Joe for cupcakes and coffee.

Ashley and Allie made a new friend, not something that is hard for them.

Meet Kyle, an unsuspecting Cuppies & Joe customer. He is very kind.

While we were at Cuppies, David had a brief message that he would like to share.


After we ate our cupcakes and drank our coffee, we headed back to Youth & Family Services, Inc. We had a great day and are glad to be back together for the new year!