This post is about our trip to the Oklahoma State Capitol to present a custom masterpiece to Representative Ben Sherrer.

A while back, Rep. Ben Sherrer commissioned us to create an original work of art for his office at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This was a video created for the commissioned piece:

Our work on his all new Oklahoma-themed masterpiece has finally come to completion. This is the story of our adventure to the Oklahoma Capitol.

Lindsay and David Oklahoma Capitol

The first thing we did when we got to the Capitol is check out the featured gallery.

David Oklahoma Capitol Gallery

Lindsay Oklahoma Capitol Gallery

Here we are at the House of Representatives door. David may or may not be trying to promote our Swanky Movie. You be the judge.

Lindsay and David Oklahoma Capitol

We made a new friend, her name is Gracie Monson and she is the Legislative Assistant for Rep. Mike Shelton. She’s very nice.

Lindsay and Gracie Monson at Oklahoma Capitol

Lindsay, Brandon, and Gracie Monson at Oklahoma Capitol

Here’s a closer look at the very fancy Oklahoma themed masterpiece. It’s mixed media comprised of puzzle pieces, and custom Oklahoma symbols by the masterminds of Bee’s Knees.

Ben Sherrer Oklahoma Masterpiece

Here’s an even closer look.

We were so excited and glad to finally present the completed work to Rep. Sherrer.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives liked it so much, they created this awesome video about the experience:

You could say Representative Ben Sherrer is a satisfied customer!