David & Brandon’s Wild Adventure to Chicago: Part 3

This post is about the last leg of David and Brandon’s wild adventure to The Windy City!

David and Brandon Chicago Style

After an exciting time exploring the city life of Chicago, it’s time for us to make our way back to The Big Friendly, Oklahoma City. If you see two handsome gentlemen cruising through the midwestern United States in a red minivan, it could be us!

Prepare yourself, because things are about to get wild!

Day 5

We woke up from our final night’s sleep at the hostel and packed our bags. At this point in the trip, our tiny room is covered with things we’ve collected over the past few days and there’s barely enough room to walk.

David and Brandon leaving Chicago

We loaded our luggage into the van, said goodbye to Chicago, and set our sights on Oklahoma.

David and the rain

We endured rain.

David and the snow.

We also endured snow. On the way to Chicago, we passed through St. Louis, but on the way home we decided to take a different route. This time we passed through Des Moines, Iowa. Believe it or not, Iowa is beautiful… and snowy, so wear a coat if you visit in December.

After 8 hours of travel, we reached Kansas City, our destination for the evening and the home of our dear friends, the Pritchards.

David, Brandon, and the Pritchards

Have you ever wondered what hearts of gold look like? Meet the Pritchards. Jordon and Megan Pritchard have been friends with Brandon for a little while now and they offered to let us stay with them on our trek across the midwest.

BRANDON: What do you think about the Pritchards?

DAVID: They’re great! It’s so perfect now.

Upon arrival in Kansas City, we met our friends at a vintage market called Urban Mining.Urban Mining

Urban Mining

Urban Mining

Brandon asked David to pick out the best item.

David @ Urban Mining

David selected this old gum ball machine.

BRANDON: What makes this the best item?

DAVID: It’s the evolution of old technology!

After our time at Urban Mining, we were ready to grub. This may come as no surprise to you, but we ate pizza… again. This was our fourth time to eat pizza in the span of about four days. A pizza a day keeps the doctor away, right?!

BRANDON: What do you think about eating all this pizza?

DAVID: It’s just so awesome that we ate pizza 4 times and had ice cream!

Following dinner, we made our way back to the Pritchard’s home and went to sleep.

Day 6

David and Brandon @ Broadway Cafe KC

We began our final day of the wild adventure at a local Kansas City coffee shop, Broadway Cafe and Roastery. David’s not really into the whole coffee thing, but he’s a great sport for sticking around while Brandon indulges in his morning coffee drinking ritual. They’re total bros.

David and Johnny Depp

Guess who we saw in line for coffee – Johnny Depp, or at least a guy who looks a lot like him! You be the judge.

After coffee, we hit the road and made our way to Oklahoma.

On the way home, David was watching Shrek on one of his game systems.

BRANDON: If we were characters in Shrek, who would we be? (wholeheartedly expecting Shrek and Donkey, interchangeably)

DAVID: The gingerbread.

BRANDON: Who? Me or you?

DAVID: You. I’m Shrek.

David and Brandon

After a 6 hour drive from Kansas City to Oklahoma City, we were finally home.

BRANDON: What was the best part of our trip?

DAVID: Taking all the photos and sharing them with everyone!


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