LindsayIf you haven’t already done so, meet Lindsay. She’s just about the most precious thing that ever stepped out of 1982. She likes Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Amy Grant, and Leann Rimes. She’s usually blinged out in shiny things like diamonds, gold, or something with sequins.

She just turned 31.


Lindsay had specifically requested a white cake that says “Happy Birthday Lindsay”, but Brandon totally forgot to pick it up! Instead we made birthday celebration treats out of blueberry muffin mix and nutella. It was maybe a little unconventional, but totally resourceful… and yummy.


LINDSAY: Did you know I turned 31?

BRANDON: No way! We’re going to have to throw you a party!

LINDSAY: Actually, I thought it might be better if you gave me a card with some money so I could go buy something.


Lindsay is a great friend and that’s why people love her! Allie


My big wish is to go shopping with my girlfriends at the mall. It’s big, but it’s pretty interesting. Lindsay


She’s pretty.Chris


I love her.Ashley


She’s a great helper and she gets the job done easier.David

We’re so thankful for the friendship we have with Lindsay and we hope her 31st year is more wonderful than all of the 30 preceding!

Do you have any birthday wishes you want to share with Lindsay? Please share in the comments area below, we’re excited to read them!