We’ve officially made it through the first two days of the Big Swanky Art Camp and we’re having a great time!

Take a moment to meet the Big Swanky artists…

Meet Alicia, she really likes sketching celebrities… especially Justin Bieber.

Meet Allie, she’s really into flowers, weddings, makeup, and hearts. You could say she’s “all girl”.

Meet Ashley, she enjoys spending time with her buddies. She likes cats and rainbows.

Meet Chris, he really likes Pokémon and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Meet David, if he could do anything in the whole-wide-world, he would work at the HP call center.

Meet Joy, she would like to be a zoo keeper someday. She’s really into canines. 

Meet Kayslee, if she could do anything she would write wish fulfillment novels. You know, novels about wishes being fulfilled.

Meet Lindsay, she knows a lot about Johnny Depp.

Meet Matt, he really likes tractors and mowing. He’s a total gentleman.

Meet Sarah, she’s precious.

Meet Vanessa, she wants to be an art teacher someday.

Check out these great pics from the last few days…

Stay tuned! We’ll continue to post photos as the week goes on!