We’ve been working on something big and it’s officially time for us to share it with you.  Our newest venture is something we’re calling The Big Swanky Art Project. Youth & Family Services, Inc. and AutismOklahoma.org have partnered to create a sort of “next step” to Bee’s Knees. The artists of Bee’s Knees along with 5 additional artists are teaming up over the next week to create an all new original collection of collaborative masterpieces. The artists participating will be mentored by local professional artists and the experience will culminate into an official exhibit we’re calling The Big Swanky Art Show at the Paseo Gallery Walk on the evening of Friday, July 6th from 6PM-10PM. The exhibit will be at Rainbow Fleet Childcare Resource and Referral. (Click on the image to check out the Facebook event page!) 

As we work together to create a beautiful brand new collection of masterpieces, we’ll be posting photos of the experience throughout the week. Stay posted to learn more about the project and how you can get your hands on some of the art work.