In case you didn’t know, today is the official birthday of the official Bee’s Knees Fan Club President… the official Dee Blose. This is a picture of her and David at our Expressions of Independence show in 2010.

We love her and are so thankful for what a great friend she is to Bee’s Knees.

In honor of Dee, we created these very special custom birthday cards…

Chris: “The one in the blue is Dee. The guys in brown are Allie, Brandon, and Ashley. That guy in the yellow… that’s me.”

Ashley: “This is a rainbow. That’s Dee in the purple and me in the pink.”

David: “That’s Dee, sitting in a hot tub. On the top is cheesecake and balloons.”

Allie: “I made a flower-heart for Dee.”

Matt: “Circles.”

Lindsay: “This is a flower from my home.”

Not long ago we went out for a very special Fan Club President Birthday dinner. We’re pleased to present to you the…




#3 (Very similar to pose #2, but not to be mistaken as the same.)



Happy Birthday Dee!