New Friends, New Weather, New Ideas, and Lost RAM

This post is about new friends, new weather, great new ideas, and lost RAM. Get ready.

We made a few new friends today. Meet Madison and Abrael, they’re OT (occupational therapy) students at OU. They’re working on a project and came to see how things are done at Bee’s Knees.

Have you been outside today? The weather’s great, especially here in Oklahoma! It’s kind of cool, kind of rainy, and the iPhone weather app says that the high today is 68 degrees. Bee’s Knees loves the rain, especially Chris. In honor of what we’re considering hoping to be the end of summer, we started working on our all new fall 2012 product line.

Part of our product line will be an original 2013 calendar. We’ve created original calendars for the past three years and each year they seem to get better. We have high hopes for the one we’re creating this year. It will feature artwork by the masterminds of Bee’s Knees and in the famous words of David Blose, it will be “all new, all fresh, with a cool new look.”

Every time we begin work on a new project, we start by brainstorming – ideas, words, pictures, what materials to use, how to use materials, characters, stories, etc. There’s a lot of power in brainstorming. Everyone in Bee’s Knees has such an interesting perspective, brainstorming can be just the place to piece those perspectives together for something truly special. How else do you create stories about an interplanetary dinosaur camping trip or pictures about snails dancing on UPS trucks?

To begin our 2013 calendar project, we started by brainstorming ideas for each month and then sketching a rough draft of what the artwork for each month might look like.

Here’s a sketch Allie made for the month of April. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Allie, she’s all girl. She loves hearts, weddings, being in love, and all kinds of other girly stuff. It’s no surprise that her sketch is about flowers 🙂

This next one is a sketch by David. There are some really quirky things he likes about each month. His favorite thing about January was New Year’s Eve and storing up Cheez-Its, Oreos, Poptarts, and Sprite. All that to say, if you’re looking for a for a good time on New Year’s Eve, just go to David’s house. Here’s his sketch for the month of February.

That big guy with the horns and the wand in the upper left is Cupid. David said Cupid is getting all the candies to the loved people. FYI, David loves sweetheart candies.

BRANDON: David, what’s your favorite thing about sweetheart candies?

DAVID: It’s super fantastic for the loved ones!

This next one is a sketch by Chris for the month of April. Chris is a really gifted illustrator and creates some of the funniest pictures.

If you’re lucky, you could make a guest appearance in one of Chris’ drawings, but you might not look like what you think – you might be a carrot, or a pumpkin head, or you might be a hotdog, or you could be a clown, or you could have really crazy hair. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, this picture is of Ashley, a fellow artist in Bee’s Knees, hunting for Easter eggs, but she’s getting rained on. If you haven’t guessed it, she’s the one with the big head and ponytail. She’s also crying. She’ll have a bone to pick with Chris when she finds out 🙂

We’re also playing around with the idea of creating Christmas ornaments for this Holiday season. Here was our first go at a prototype with some supplies we had in our supply closet.

While we were working on our ornament prototypes, David shared some of his technology comedy material. Check it out.

DAVID: Knock-knock.
BRANDON: Who’s there?
BRANDON: Lost RAM who?
DAVID: Lost RAM crashes the computer!

Brandon caught this sneaky picture. He says David lost his RAM.

Later that day we packed up and went home. It was just another day in the life of Bee’s Knees.

What do you think about our ornament idea? We want to know what you have to say. Leave a comment in the space below! We look forward to reading!

Bee’s Knees is cosponsored by Youth & Family Services, Inc. and to promote self-sufficiency for young adults with developmental disabilities through entrepreneurship.

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