Remembering to not forget to be good friends.

This post is about being a good friend and taking time to remember the good stuff.

Sometimes we just have to take some time away from all things task related – painting, creating masterpieces, designing, brainstorming, practicing business, etc. – and take a moment to inventory some of the more important things. At Bee’s Knees it’s important to us that we periodically invest some time into remembering what is good about ourselves and what is good about others.

Recently, we inventoried being a good friend – what it means to be a good friend, qualities we value in good friends, and understanding how each of us, in our own different way, are a good friend to others.


Allie: Being a good friend is helping people when they feel sad or upset.

Lindsay: A good friend is helping people with an attitude that needs to calm down, saying polite things without hurting their feelings.

David: A good friend is doing the right thing to undo their mistakes and doing everything right for a happy person.

Chris: A good friend is being sweet.

We also took some time to encourage each other and remind each other how we are good friends.

You’ll notice that everybody in Bee’s Knees has commentary on themselves and everyone else, except for Matt. Sometimes what Matt has to say isn’t in words that we can understand. Don’t be mistaken, what he says is of the highest regard, it’s simply too wonderful for words 🙂


I’m a good friend because I always make them talk about why they are hurting, I want to make them happy.

Why is Allie a good friend?
Lindsay: She is really nice and kind.
Chris: She is pretty (to which Allie replied, “I’m always pretty.”)
Ashley: She is my best friend because I love her so much.

David: She helps with the money bag.



I’m a good friend because I share with others. I gave Ashley some money to help her.

Why is David a good friend?
Allie: He helps others.
Lindsay: He says nice things to others so we can understand him.
Chris: He is a good guy because he likes to watch movies.
Ashley: He is my best friend because he gives me money. ( A little concerned about this secret money deal between David and Ashley, Brandon asked how much money. It was only $5).



I’m a good friend because I’m silly.

Why is Ashley a good friend?
David: She tells good jokes to everybody.
Allie: She is my best friend, I love her and always will.
Lindsay: She is kind and intelligent, kind of like giving good ideas that would help another friend fell better inside.
Chris: She has a good heart.


I am a good friend because I am nice and I can help people at art shows.


Why is Chris a good friend?
Ashley: When he hangs out with me I feel special.
David: He has great friends at the art show, they are all loving and kind to him.
Allie: He tells everybody funny jokes, that’s why I love him.
Lindsay: He is a very good person. I like the way he says things that are very interesting and inspire others.



I am a good friend because I want to help others with their feelings to know what it really means to them.

Why is Lindsay a good friend?
Chris: She likes to laugh.
Ashley: I like her because she hangs out with me.
David: She has good manners and says thank you.
Allie: She always helps people out. I like her smile.






Why is Matt a good friend?
Ashley: He is so silly.
David: He makes good artwork.
Allie: He loves everybody. I like Matt because he smiles a lot.
Lindsay: He is kind.
Chris: He’s a nice big guy.

After we spent some time encouraging each other, we packed up, and went home. It was just another day at Bee’s Knees.

What’s your favorite part about being a good friend? We want to know what you have to say. Leave a comment in the space below! We look forward to reading!

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